Over 15 years of experience

Our founder has over 15 years of experience in subtitling and he has translated thousands of movies from English into Chinese and from Chinese to English. He has extensive knowledge of subtitling software and practices. Now with a network of subtitlers who are fluent in many different languages, we can help your business reach broader audiences.

Software we use

Our software list includes professional subtitling software Softel Swift Create which is used in Hollywood studios and major networks. With this professional software we can create subtitles in many different formats and we can provide you the final subtitled video file in DVD or other formats. We also use some free software such as Subtitle Edit to keep things simple for our translators and clients who don’t have access to professional subtitling software.

The picture below shows the formats we can provide. These are just some examples and we can provide additional formats upon request.



  • Sample in Simplified Chinese
  • Sample in English



Translation Boulevard Launches WordPress Integration Solution

Translation Boulevard is working with WPML to provide multi-language translation services to WordPress websites. WPML enables WordPress websites to become multilingual, making it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories, and themes. WPML was developed by OnTheGoSystems and is one of the best WordPress plugins to enable WordPress websites to be translated into multiple languages. WPML has customized a solution for Translation Boulevard that allows you to download WPML and install it on your websites. Once WPML is installed on your website, you can send the content directly from your WordPress website to our translation portal. Once the translation is completed, it will be sent back to your WordPress platform.


Smartcat offers free CAT tools integration, payment solutions, machine translation, editing, and a translator marketplace. It also offers a cloud-based platform with a full set of high-end translation automation technologies.

Smartcat offers support for 30 file types, built-in dictionaries and is used by over 170K translators. It also offers a cloud-based ecosystem and integration via API. Some of the services offered are: Translation Automation, Terminology Management, Real-Time Collaboration.

Smartcat connects linguists, companies, and agencies to streamline translation of any content into every language on demand. Its platform puts our translation process on autopilot from content creation to payments.

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