Many individual and business pursuits require certified translations. If you are setting up a business overseas, processing immigration documents, getting married, or getting a degree in another country, you will need certified translations of your personal and business documents.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, certified translations are critically important. Whether you’re in the medical field, financial arena, or government, certified translations allow you to comply with the various requirements.

What Is a Certified Translation?

 A certified translation requires a signature from the translator or verification from the translation agency to ensure that the translated text accurately matches the original source document. Certain US or state agencies, such as the US Census Bureau and Department of Development, require certified translations to be translated by accredited organizations such as the American Translators Association. I am certified by the American Translators Association and have been providing certified translation services to these two agencies through some vendors for several years.

A certified translation is guaranteed to reflect the original document. It accurately displays seals, notations, trademarks, and other details, and where they are in the original documents.

Professional translators are well versed on the requirements for certified translations, and they are competent in linguistics and familiar with subject matters. Nevertheless, clients should be clear on where they are planning to use the certified translation.

If a client cannot provide the original source or document, the certified document should indicate that the translator utilized a copy of the original document as a basis for the translation.

What Services Do We Provide?

 If you are in need of a certified translation, find a translation service that specializes in this area.

Translation Boulevard offers high quality Chinese certified translation services for those who need them. We also work with other accredited translators to provide the same service in other languages. Translation Boulevard is a full-service language provider that can provide translation in all major languages.

I consider myself one of the most qualified and experienced translators. My rigorous, high-quality process ensures that the translation is not only accurate but is also formatted exactly the same as the original document. I am certified by the American Translators Association and am certain I can provide for all your translation needs.

Why Do I Need a Certified Translation?

If you are trying to establish a business, enroll in a university or immigrate to the US, you will be required to submit documents with certified translations. You will need certified translations at law firms, US courts, academic institutions, licensing departments, immigration offices, and patent offices. These documents are critical because they will be invalid without certified translation.

A certified translation is required for legal documents, such as those submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS.

It’s also needed for buying a house overseas, obtaining a mortgage as an immigrant, getting a marriage license or driver’s license, and for school diplomas and certificates.

Advertising and marketing, buying properties, applying for licenses, getting work visas, and starting a new company or subsidiary also require certified translation.

Various regulatory bodies and businesses abroad require certified translations. Those who plan to do commercial business activities will benefit from this service. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other agencies require certified translations of product information to determine if a business meets the specific requirements. I have been working with National Health Institute (NIH) through some vendors to provide certified translation since 2019.

Simply put, any individual who needs to submit documents to a legal body or government organization must obtain a certified translation.

What is Involved in Submitting a Certified Translation?

To qualify as a certified translation, both the original document and the translated document, with a signed statement stating that the translator’s service is complete and accurate, must be presented. Depending on the country and circumstances, you may need to have the document notarized. A certified translation or a certificate of accuracy may be required.

In the US, the immigration department requires all documents to be translated and certified if they are not written in English, except for passports. Every page of every document should be translated in order to be accepted by the USCIS.

If you plan to directly submit your certified translations to the USCIS, you do not need to have them notarized. However, you will need to have all the translations notarized if you are submitting them to a US consulate or embassy in another country.

Additionally, if you plan to apply to a college or university abroad, you will be required to have all your diplomas, transcripts, and other pertinent documents related to your education in your home country translated and certified.

Even though the requirements vary from country to country, they often require certified translations. It’s important to work with a professional translator like Translation Boulevard. We have the necessary certification and experience and can provide you with the documents you need.

Why Is A Certified Translation a Must?

 Besides helping you fulfill legal requirements, I can also help you boost your business’s growth through the certified translations I provide.

When you expand your business in another country, language differences can be an obstacle. Hiring an amateur translator can cause problems. Words can have different meanings in other languages, and idioms or phrases may not come across correctly when translated by an amateur.

However, Translation Boulevard provides certified translators from many major languages. You can be assured that our translations are accurate and culturally sensitive. Hiring a certified translator ensures smoother transactions and more effective communication.

Certified translations verify the quality and authenticity of the translated document. A certificate of accuracy attests that all the information in all your documents is correct and accurate.

Get started today!

 Now that you understand the importance of a certified translation, it’s important to take the first step. Develop an excellent professional relationship with a respectable and qualified translator. If you plan to go global, I can help you make the process easier by providing accurate and certified translations. I prioritize consistency and efficiency and will maintain the overall format and look of your documents. I am easy to work with and will ensure that your certified translation needs are met.