What translators say about us

Sean Song is a great communicator, as well as punctual and detail-oriented. With a deep well of experience, he’s able to handle the most diverse (and interesting!) projects. For translators, interpreters, and clientele fortunate enough to know him, he never shirks a challenge and is always learning.
Translator 1

Translation Boulevard/Sean Song is the best employer I’ve ever worked with. He is punctual and clear in delivering instructions and always ready to help. He always tries his best to take care of his employees and treat them with courtesy and respect. I’ve learned a lot from him. I would be happy to work with Sean anytime.
Translator 2

Sean is a very experienced and accomplished Chinese translator. I had the privilege of working together with him. As a project manager, he was an effective communicator throughout the process and his attention to detail ensured a superior final product. Compensation was prompt and more than reasonable.
Translator 3

They are very professional and understanding of people. They treat their translators well, with high respect and appreciation. Payment is also prompt. It is a great pleasure to work with them.
Translator 4

Interesting assignments and payments are always fair and on time. Whenever I’ve had issues or concerns, Sean has been easy to communicate with and accommodating.

Translator 5

I’ve worked on several jobs for Sean. He always offered fair rates, was very responsive and paid on time. Very professional and absolutely a pleasure to work with.
Translator 6

I have been a contracted freelancer for Sean at Translation Boulevard for about half a year now and completed projects of various different scopes and subject matter. The assignments are always interesting and the payment rates are very reasonable and generally better than what I’ve seen from other employers for the same type of work. Sean is great to work with and communicate with whenever I have questions or concerns. Even as my availability has shifted, Translation Boulevard has been accommodating and will still send me notifications of smaller assignments that are available.
Translator 8

Payments are prompt and fair. It is a joy working with Sean
Translator 7

It is my pleasure to with Translation Boulevard. Kind support, clear instruction, and fast payment. Looking forward to working with you again!
Translator 9

First, in my experience men and women are treated equally which is very important to me. Second, all expectations are clearly communicated which averts frustration. Third, I know I can trust their word which is something I value greatly.

It feels good to work with a company that treats and pays its employees and contractors well. The company also donates to charities/non-profits which is wonderful!

They have been quick to respond to any questions I have and they are always polite and courteous in their responses which makes working with them a pleasure!

Translator 10

I have been a freelancer for Sean almost since I graduated from university. He is a very good leader and a great partner, and he has helped me to become a mature translator with great patience. The rate is reasonable and payments never been delayed. I am so lucky to encounter such a good employer and look forward to continuing to work together with him and Translation Boulevard.
Translator 11

As a freelancer of Translation Boulevard for over two years, I feel that my work has been valued. The projects cover a wide range of scopes, and the rate is well above average. Most importantly, Sean is very considerate in assigning tasks, he will always give you adequate time to handle the translation properly. The work time is flexible and payment is timely. And Sean will help you improve your quality of translation.
Translator 12

I’m a freelancer and I have worked with Translation Boulevard for over a year now. I would highly recommend this company based on the many positive experiences I have had while working on various projects for them. I have been treated with kindness and respect during all of my interactions with them and they have been professional in all business matters. It is wonderful to work with a company that values integrity and truly cares about treating people well!
Translator 13

I am happy to work with Sean. The payment is fair and reasonable. Sean is diligent and professional, and I can learn a lot from him. The communication is great and I hope to continue working together for a long time.
Translator 14

I have been working at Translation Boulevard Less than a year. Sean Song, the owner of the company, is a strong team player, who is humble and always says that projects are the achievement of the whole team;Sean is great to work with and he is a detail minded person and his work is always completed with high quality. I’m happy to work at Translation Boulevard.
Translator 15

I have always received quick responses to e-mails, on-time payments, and have been treated with respect. I also appreciate that Translation Boulevard focuses on helping those in need by supporting non-profit organizations. Overall my experience has been great!
Translator 16

Quick response, clear communication and high professionalism throughout the process. The rate offered and deadline required was reasonable! I would be happy to work with the company again.
Translator 17

The best thing about working with this company is the appreciation they have towards their contractors. Perhaps because the founder is also a translator himself, he is more understanding and patient than other companies. Communication is also straightforward and clear.
Translator 18

Translation Boulevard Launches WordPress Integration Solution.

Translation Boulevard is working with WPML to provide multi-language translation services to WordPress websites. WPML enables WordPress websites to become multilingual, making it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories, and themes.  


Smartcat has recently partnered with Translation Boulevard, a US-based LSP that offers translation services, website localization, subtitling, transcription, transcreation, voice over, and DTP.Translation Boulevard has a strong non-profit record in the Baltimore area, offering scholarship and backpack programs to orphans and single-parent children.


Which Dialect of Chinese Should I use for my clients? Mandarin, Cantonese, or Simplified Chinese?

Many professionals in the language field are confused by the complexity of Chinese, such as the differences between Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and the Mandarin used in Taiwan.